FREE Ex-Employee Reference Service

Ensuring your Company complies to  full GDPR Regulations

Check Staff Reference Portal

Fast, Online, Seamless FREE Employee Referencing.

The Service
  • Totally FREE service for companies supplying Employee references.
  • Ensures your team frees up their time responding to employment requests.
  • Seamless, automated easy solution and Designed so everyone benefits, the new employer receives the reference in a fast-professional manner. The applicant can start their employment faster, and the HR team have no hassle, and can concentrate on their core business.
  • Huge cost savings for all companies supplying employee references, not forgetting massive time saving costs.
How it works
  1. HR team upload the branded employment references for FREE via their online admin area or use a branded template.
  2. New hiring company searches for the applicant.
  3. New hiring company requests the employment references via reference portal
  4. Applicant is automatically contacted to confirm legitimacy of the reference request and either accepts or rejects aproval.
  5. New hiring company downloads the company branded employment reference within 96 hours.
  6. The reference is available to the new hiring company for 30 days and is then deleted from their account access
Why Use Us
  • MONEY – HR saves money by handing the responsibility to Check Staff.
  • TIME – HR saves time having to respond to regular employment reference requests.
  • TRUST – References are standardised, Branded and authenticated to ensure that they are exactly as you sent it to us.
  • SPEED – Employment references are with the requester within 96 hours. 
  • SECURITY – Data protection certified, and follow strict policies and procedures within ICO standards. Applicants Autheticate is required, which the system recieves automatically.

 A Service so Streamlined” 

Six Simple Steps to process employment references”


The Simple Solution

Why our clients and Applicants love the Check Staff Referencing solution

Fast, Accurate, Branded References

Our solution enables companies to download accurate employment references, without the hassle of chasing previous employers. Full accurate employment details with no hassle factor. All of the employment references are branded by the company.

Cost Savings

Not only do you save a huge amount of time, our clients have soon realised that they have also saved money. Hr functions free up all of their valuable time to concentrate on their core tasks. This is because of our seamless online solution.

Security and Data Protection

Protecting the personal information relating to ex-employees, which our clients entrust us with, is paramount.  Our strictly enforced policies and procedures ensure that personal information of the ex-employees is fully protected on an ISO27001 secured server.

Applicants Acceptance

With our structured processes, the applicant will be informed via our system that a hiring company is requesting to download their employment reference. The applicant either accepts or rejects the request. This ensures our service is inline with full GDPR regulations and processes.

Staff Checks with Candidate Vetting

Candidate Vetting is the sister company of Check Staff. They are the highest accredited Security screening company in Europe. Click below for further information

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